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Ultimate Destination for Proven & Result-Driven SEO Services in India

Probably you have already heard of the vitality of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a hundred of times. Even if you have possessed a basic concept of what it entails, still you may not have a firm grasp on this complex and multifaceted blessing of digitalisation. SEO is a wide domain that contains multiple elements. If you are really eager to realise the importance of SEO, you need to know what these elements are and how each of these elements works. SEO is vital because it improves the online presence of your site. It makes your site more visible and more visibility drives more traffic and opportunities. Beyond that, SEO is also a tool that enhances brand awareness, builds relationships with potential customers, and positions your business as an authoritative and trusted expert in your industry.

Technical Aspects

SEO involves a number of technical aspects. Some technical problems with your website may affect SEO. Reputed SEO services in India first perform an SEO audit to find out the strength and weaknesses of a site. Later, based on their audit report, they map out an SEO plan for that site.

An SEO audit report should evaluate the following technical elements:

Aptness of Domain, Optimisation of Robots, Optimisation or URL Structure, Navigation and Site Structure, Breadcrumb Menus, Data Markup, Cannonical URLs, Optimisation of 404 Page, XML Sitemap Optimisation, SSL & HTTPS, Website Speed, Mobile-Responsiveness.


Gone are those days when keywords were everything for SEO experts. However, it doesn’t mean that keywords are no more important. The only difference is that nowadays keywords are well-researched, wisely chosen, and judiciously used in the content to optimise it properly. What are these keywords? Keywords are words and phrases the prospects use to find out content online. Therefore, brands can use these keywords to connect with prospects, looking for their products or services.

While choosing keywords, the SEO experts should look for keywords having high search rates and low competition. It is also important to choose short-tail, long-tail, and local keywords to insert in your content. For a better result, you can insert relevant keywords in all your meta-tiles, descriptions, URLs, and other SEO elements.


Content is an integral part of SEO because it is the medium through which you will reach and engage your target audience. For instance, if you own a nursery and need increased visibility, you will need to publish blogs about gardening tips, and the right kind of plants, etc. When a person will be searching for gardening tips, your blog will appear and it will give you a chance of building a relationship with that person by providing valuable information.

Content comes in a variety of forms, such as:

Web Page Content, Videos, Blogs, Infographics, Podcasts, Whitepapers and e-books, Social media posts, Local Listing

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO needs external optimisation exercises that happen away from the site. The main technique of this kind of SEO is building backlinks. Quality backlinks to your site from external sites let the search engines consider your website as a valuable and authentic site. It builds authority for your website.

Local SEO

Local SEO is gradually increasingly getting importance as more and more people are using mobile devices for searching content, products, or services. Now, 57% of all searches are coming from tablets and Smartphones. It has been noticed that half of these searches have local intent.

For instance, imagine you own a restaurant. With local SEO services in India, your website will be visible to the people in your locality, who are looking for the best restaurant in the town. Local SEO is not confined to the use of keywords; there are many other effective ways, such as directory listings, creation of location-based pages for your site, creating pages for business on Google My Business, Google Plus, and Google Maps.

If you want to develop and improve your online presence through SEO, you need assistance from the Best SEO Company in India, Uniterrene.

Why should you choose us?

Why Uniterrene Not the Average Ones?

Every day a new SEO agency is coming to existence in India. Each company is claiming itself to be the best. Then why should you choose Uniterrene? Because we are not here to provide you with average services. We are here to provide exceptional and result-driven SEO services in India.

Analytical Power

At Uniterrene, our team believes that SEO is more like science and less like art. We always depend on data analysis to decide on the right strategy for SEO.


Uniterrene is always responsive. Our SEO executives will always keep you informed with updates and reports.


At Uniterrene, our SEO experts are always ready to adopt new trends or strategies to ensure top SERP ranking for our clients.


Transparency is the best asset of Uniterrene. We never make fake promises that can never be fulfilled. We’ll keep you updated about every activity we are performing.


SEO can’t give you the result overnight. It is an ongoing process. At Uniterrene, our SEO experts do the same. They are always focused and working consistently to meet SEO goals

Competitive Pricing

We have kept our SEO packages reasonable so that every business, regardless of its size, can leverage the benefits of our SEO services.

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How Do We Work?

We always strive to make the search engine spiders find your site and rank your relevant web pages. The process of search engine optimisation is not a one-time process. It requires maintenance, fine-tuning, and ongoing monitoring. Our SEO experts follow four steps to optimise a website for search engines:


We start a project with analysis. We’ll perform Website Analysis and Competitive Analysis. Website analysis includes meta-tags, descriptions, visible texts, and code to determine how well the website is optimised for search engines; for instance, how much code does a page have compared to the text. Competitive analysis includes evaluation of content keywords and current search engine ranking of the competitor websites to prepare an effective SEO strategy. Usually, we pick the top five competitors of our clients having top rankings.

Keyword Research
and Development

At Uniterrene, our SEO team will identify a targeted list of relevant keywords and phrases. They will also review the competitive list and other authentic industry sources. A preliminary list is also used to determine the number of recent search engine queries and explore how many websites are competing for the chosen keywords. We always emphasise on keywords and phrases, plurals, singulars, and misspellings. Next, we’ll try to understand where the website is now to assess the future ranking with accuracy.

Content Optimisation
and Submission

Like a professional SEO company in India, Uniterrene integrates selected keywords into the source code and existing content of the specific web page. You should ensure to apply a suggested guideline of two or three keywords or key phrases per content. We’ll also add more pages to prepare the complete list. We’ll also add related words to the exact keywords to make them look natural. It will help the search engines determine what the page is all about.


At Uniterrene, we always keep testing and measuring the site. We’ll analyse search engine rankings and web traffic to determine how the implemented SEO programs are performing. We will record our findings in an excel sheet and provide our clients with it at the time of reporting.

To ensure continuous improvement, it is important to keep adding and modifying content. We’ll also regularly review our link strategy to ensure that the outbound links are relevant.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO all about?

Search engine optimisation involves activities that will optimise your website through different ways to improve its ranking on Google search results. SEO includes a wide range of elements such as keywords, content, technical website elements. All these elements should be blended together to help the search engines to crawl and index the page. Only an SEO-friendly website has better chances of getting top ranks on the search engine rank pages.

Why is content called the King?

Content was the king. Content is the king. And content will be the king. It is the soul of every SEO campaign. This is called king because of two key reasons- attention and answers. Online users are always browsing the internet for something to engage with. Content introduces a business with the target audience.

If you want to grab maximum attention of your customers, you should publish quality content for getting backlinks and ensuring top ranks. On the other hands, the online users are looking for answers and information that your content might provide them.

The best SEO agency in India, Uniterrene always prioritises quality content and ensures the delivered content is unique, informative, relevant, and interesting.

What is the difference between white and black hat SEO?

White hat SEO refers to the right and ethical way of optimising your site. Black hat SEO is the exact opposite. It is a series of tricks that sometimes violate the search engine guidelines. To brief up, white hat SEO focuses on relevant and unique content, well-labeled images, relevant links and references, complete and grammatically correct sentences with right spelling, standard HTML version, and unique page titles. Black hat SEO, on the other hand, allows the use of duplicate content, invisible text and stuffed keywords, redirecting the users to another site/page, linking from irrelevant sites.

How many backlinks will Uniterrene bring to my site?

No SEO agency in India can state specifically how many backlinks will be enough for gaining the top position. Moreover, there is no fixed number of backlinks. We strive to achieve backlinks from reputable sites regularly. We always strive to provide quality and relevant backlinks.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to local search and it makes use of tags including city, state, or pin codes as an integral component of search. An example of local SEO would be typing “North Indian restaurant in Greater Noida” into the search box of search engine pages.

Uniterrene has earned a name and fame as the best local SEO Company in India.

Why do Search Engine Rankings change frequently?

Search engine result pages or SERPs are ever-changing. They are dynamic. When a new website publishes new pages with original and informative content, and is optimised properly by reputed search engine optimization services in India, the site will be discovered by the search engines. Automatically, it will push the site ahead of the existing web pages in raking. After few days, the same will happen with this site when new sites will come to existence. That’s why website search rankings get frequently changed.

What is Uniterrene’s reporting policy?

At Uniterrene, we are committed to provide our clients with reports twice a month. We report the SEO activities of first 15 days in the first report and repeat the same process for the second half of the month.

How much time will Uniterrene take to provide me with satisfying SEO results?

It is impossible to state the exact time required for bringing SEO results. It depends on multiple factors such as the nature of your business, competition, etc. Building quality backlinks needs time. Moreover, if your website is not SEO-friendly or has technical errors, then we may further prolong the process. Once all the issues are addressed, you will be able to receive substantial outcomes.