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Hire Uniterrene for Most-Effective & Dedicated Social Media Marketing Services in India

Spending only 6 hours a week is enough to increase your brand awareness, traffic, and sales, with low expenses. About 90% of marketers have admitted that social media produced immense exposure for their company, and this is only one of its many benefits. That’s why social networks have become an integral part of every marketing strategy and social media marketing services in India are gaining immense popularity.

Increases Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most cost-effective weapons used for reaching a potential mass audience and increase the visibility of an online business. Implementing a social media strategy will improve your brand recognition as you will be able to interact with a broad audience. More you will be exposed to a wider audience, more will be increased your brand awareness.

Drives More Inbound Traffic

Businesses having no plan for social media marketing reach only limited customers. Only people familiar with the business will search for the same keywords you already rank for. Without social media, you will experience difficulties reaching anyone outside of the loyal customer circle. Each social media profile of your business is a mix gateway to your website. Every piece of content you post gives you another opportunity to achieve a new customer.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

Social media posting may provide you with some site traffic, but you will need to put more effort than that is required to receive remarkable success. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is imperative for gaining higher page rankings and driving traffics to your website. Though social media does not directly increase search engine rankings, you will see improvement in search engine rankings.

We know that everyone is using Google to find more information and they are not likely to navigate past page one because their answer normally is on the first page of results. If your website is not seen in the top pages, you need to adjust your search engine optimisation strategy. You should create high-quality content optimised with targeted keywords. Content can be written in different forms such as blogs, infographics, case studies, business information, etc. Posting such different types of content will make your social media profiles intriguing.

Once you start posting quality content, you will start building a social media community where followers will like and share your postings. Moreover, it provides you with ample opportunities to meet industry influencers who will write about your business and provide links back. This way, you will be able to increase your search engine rankings directly.

Enhances Conversion Rates

When visibility will increase, your business will gain more opportunities for conversion. Each blog post, image, video, or comment may drive potential viewers to your website to increase your traffic. Social media marketing enables you to leave a positive impression through a humanisation factor. When brands interact with the potential target audience by sharing appealing content, commenting, and many more things on social media, it personifies a brand. People are likely to do business with other people instead of companies. More than 51% of marketers have stated that taking the time to develop a relationship with consumers gives positive results in sales.

Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Social media enables you to create a voice for your company through various platforms. Such a voice will humanise your company. If you revert to your customers with a personalised message whenever they comment on your page, you would be able to boost your customer satisfaction. They will feel valued and they will come back to you again.

Enhances Brand Loyalty

One of the main goals of a business is building a potential customer base. We all know that customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand. Hence, it is important to engage with consumers and develop a healthy relationship with them. Many customers see social media channels as a way where they can interact directly with your business. Most brand loyal customers belong to the young generation, born between the early 1980s or early 2000s. So, targeting millennial is a wise decision.

If you want to leverage all of these benefits, you need to team up with Uniterrene, the best social media marketing company.

Why should you choose us?

Why Uniterrene Not An Average Company for Social Media Marketing?

The emergence of social media marketing has increased the demand for a reputed social media marketing agency in India. Uniterrene never forces the clients to hire them. We provide them with facts about why they should choose us- what special will they get from Uniterrene. Below we’ve listed some vital reasons why Uniterrene is the best choice for SMM services in India:

Run Targeted Campaigns

Uniterrene runs targeted marketing campaigns. We’ll establish potential customer-base for running marketing campaigns successfully.

Excellent Reputation in the Market

Uniterrene has been offering social media marketing services in India for years. We’ve earned a name & fame for providing quality SMM services.

Measurable Results

Uniterrene delivers measurable results within a short period. Our SMM experts set up correct metrics to measure the results.

Great Content

At Uniterrene, social media copywriters generate brief & alluring copies to post on different social media networks.

Finding Right Platform for Conveying your Message

There are several social media platforms. At Uniterrene, we will find out the platform where most of your targeted visitors are likely to come.


We believe in transparency. We are committed to maintaining transparency throughout the process of social media marketing.

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How Do We Work?

A few years ago, a common question was “Why should I consider social media marketing?” Now, this question has been replaced by “Where can I find a reliable social media marketing agency near me?” If you too are searching for this answer, Uniterrene can be the answer for you. We follow a systematic and well-organised plan to help you get the most out of SMM. Let us give you a glimpse of our work process.

Auditing Current
Social Presence

Before strategising about what you should be headed, we’ll analyse your current state. We consider a few areas while auditing the social presence of a business. These areas include networks on which the business is currently active; whether the Profiles on those networks are properly optimised, networks which are currently bringing the most value, how the profiles are performing against the competitors’ social profiles. We audit your social media profile, content, SEO, web structure, along with the priorities and recommended plans.

Creating a Social
Media Mission Statement

We will create a social media mission treatment for driving your future actions. This statement will clearly explain what you are trying to do with social media. Also, it will reflect your brand identity. We create a strong and meaningful statement that can help the SMM campaign gain success without any hassles.

Finding out and Segregating
Ideal Customer

You will want to promote your business only to a group that can be converted into your customers. Segregation is the key to success in social media marketing. Therefore, we try to be as specific as possible. For instance, if you find that parents (aged 30 to 50) are your ideal customers who live in India, earn approx 50, 00000 INR, and prefer using Facebook. you will be able to create and run campaigns considering these facts to allure the customers.

Identifying the
Key Success Metrics

In this step, we will figure out key success metrics with which you can determine your social marketing efforts. Here are a few metrics that we take into consideration -Conversion Rate, Time Spent on Website, Reach, Brand Mentions, Sentiments, Total Shares, etc.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Social Media Marketing Services?

In this digital era, most people are active on social networks. These are the greatest platforms to reach a mass audience. With these platforms, you will be able to reach more and more customers. Moreover, instead of getting lost in the crowd, you will be able to find out and target the right demographics. Social media marketing builds a potential customer base and establishes brand loyalty.

What Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

It will depend on your requirements. Facebook is a great starting point but you need to know each client on an individual basis. As each brand is unique, determining which platform is suitable for you will depend on some factors like- where your audience is, what products or services your business provides and which goals you want to achieve.

How Often Should I Post?

For most platforms, you should post at least twice a week. However, some social media outlets are exceptional. Twitter and Pinterest are more frequent when you have ample time to prepare and post content.

How Much Does Uniterrene Cost for SMM Services in India?

It depends on your requirements. Each platform has unique requirements and packaging policies. The cost will depend on the platforms you have chosen.

How Often Should I Post Non-Self Promotional Content?

Being a renowned social media marketing agency in India, Uniterrene’s experts prefer posting industry-related “real-time” content, photos, and user-generated content regularly. More you will share; more will be your chances of getting in touch with potential customers. Moreover, non-promotional content makes your brand trusted and keeps your followers engaged.

How Does a Post Differ from an Ad on Social Media?

The post is content that you share on your social media profile for your followers. The ad is a paid post that you can share to target an audience outside your followers. It can be done based on demographics and interests.

How Can I Schedule Social Posts?

Creating a group of social posts and scheduling them ahead of time will only save your time shortly. Many tools can be used for scheduling social posts. Facebook Business Manager is one such tool. It helps schedule all posts that are likely to be released on a business Facebook channel.

How will Uniterrene Promote and Boost My Social Posts?

Uniterrene will exercise the following practices to promote and boost your social posts: Defining Your Network/Theme, Establishing and Maintaining Your Brand Voice, Preparing Competitive Analysis, Engaging, Interacting, and Humanising.