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Leverage All the Benefits of PPC Advertising in India

If you are looking for ways to grab your customer’s attention quickly without putting any additional effort, Pay-per-click or PPC can be the best bet for you. Uniterrene, a leading PPC company in India, empowers paid search marketing with relevant and focused campaigns. We ensure that your site is gaining high exposure, potential traffic, and high conversions.

How PPC Benefits a Business?

There are several benefits of PPC advertising. PPC can have a positive impact on most businesses and brands. Listed below are the major benefits of PPC services in India:

Contributes to Business Goals

This is perhaps the most compelling reason why you should consider PPC. It helps you achieve a wide number of business and marketing goals. These goals range from high-level brand exposure to e-commerce sales and hot lead submission.

Can be Measured and Tracked

PPC advertising is powered by Google Ads. Therefore, it can be easily measured and tracked. Google Ads tools and Google Analytics are used to measure PPC campaigns. In turn, you’ll be able to see high-level performance details such as impressions, clicks, and conversions (depending on the defined business objectives).

When you get to know how your campaigns are performing, determining the next steps will become easier for you. You will find out what types of traffic and results the campaigns are driving for you. No other advertising channel gives such a clear picture of the attribution of budget. When you will send your PPC traffic to specific landing pages and track it to the conversion with the help of Google Analytics, you can point out what you spent and what it drove regarding your ultimate goals.

Delivers Quick Results

By teaming up with the best PPC company in India, you can surpass your competitors quickly. This is the main difference between SEO and PPC. SEO takes a lot of time and attention from the target audience while PPC achieves the same quickly. Unlike email and organic social, you can target people outside the existing customers. Also, you are not confined to the periphery of your existing customers. This paid marketing method helps you cast a vast net to explore new prospects.

Since most tasks are done through PPC advertising platforms, you don’t need to involve your development team.

Provides you with Control

PPC empowers you with control over a vast array of options to help you reach potential customers. It begins with the chosen keywords to target customers. Also, it provides you with budget flexibility. You are allowed to set your ad budget and bids. You can choose the amount you would spend.

Moreover, when you will notice positive outcomes, you will be able to scale up. If you are feeling the need for a break, you can pause and stop your ad.

PPC works well with other Marketing Channels

Content marketing is ruling the digital marketing world. Content plans and calendars have become an integral part of online marketing strategies. PPC can be easily integrated with other online marketing platforms. So, you can utilise multiple online platforms along with PPC to boost your online visibility and conversions.

Why you chooses us ?

Why Uniterrene Not the Average Ones?

At Uniterrene, a leading PPC management company in India, PPC experts will help you buy a few advertisements that will appear on the sidebar of the search results for grabbing the attention of your target audience. This is the best way of making your business visible without putting much efforts and time. Uniterrene:

Has Experience & Impressive Track Record

We deal with setting up Ad accounts, selection of keywords, ad group creation, fixing the final budget, tweaking regular campaigns, etc.

Possesses Vast Keyword Selection Knowledge

Keyword selection is one of the difficult tasks PPC advertising services in India need to handle. Our team executes this task effortlessly.

Deals with Negative Keyword Lists Efficiently

Uniterrene, the top PPC Company in India, carefully prepares a negative keyword list for the clients to ensure that the ad copies are not appearing for irrelevant search queries/keywords.

Emphasises on Structured Campaigns

To help our clients enjoy advantages from AdWords or Bing Ads, we create well-structured PPC campaigns, which do not contain overlapping keywords.

Determines the Budget Smartly

The best PPC advertising company in India will always achieve the business goals with a small PPC budget. This is what we do.

Is Adept with New Features

It is important for a company known as PPC expert in India to be familiar with the new features introduced by the search engines. At Uniterrene, we have been doing the same for years.

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How Do We Work?

Uniterrene can help you boost your deals through various PPC methodologies and devices. This way, you will have a team that is following patterns and changes in the digital space. This data is the base of developing your range and results through PPC. You can exploit a specific pattern to get individuals to know your image or item. Or, on the other hand, you can be the first to execute another change and step before every other person in the business.

Determining the
Goals & Set a Budget

Would you like to boost sales, subscriptions/registrations, or inquiries? Be sure about your objectives before you start or you hazard squandering cash on a crusade that doesn't give an obvious way to ROI. At Uniterrene, we will determine the right goals considering your requirements. According to our goals, we will set up an appropriate budget for you.

Preparing Keyword
List & Bid on Them

PPC ad channels, for example, Google AdWords or Bing Ads depend on the utilisation of keywords. Picking the correct keywords for your business is basic to your prosperity. We employ tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, etc. Moreover, we bid on the right keywords to ensure your success.

Creating Different
Keyword Campaigns

If you utilize a mix of keywords for various items or services, we’ll isolate them into discrete battles, to put forth our focusing on attempts increasingly viable. Considering the current state of your business and your respective industry, we’ll set up different keyword campaigns for you.

Producing Keyword-Rich
Headlines and Ad Copies

Potential consumers use keywords as they continued looking for the sorts of items and services you offer. Therefore, we would not suggest you get too innovative when composing headlines and descriptions for ad copies— you need to insert the right keywords. Uniterrene will perform all these crucial tasks on your behalf.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC Advertising?

It is a paid online advertising platform that allows businesses to place ads more across the web. Through this platform, you can promote your business in search results, websites, and social networks. PPC ads include text, images, and video.

What is a PPC ad Network?

PPC ad network is a channel that will deliver your ads to the users. For instance, Google Ads is a PPC ad network. You will need to choose a PPC ad network to create PPC advertisements.

What is PPC ad Spend?

An ad advertising budget is called PPC ad spend. It is how much you are spending on the ad networks.

How does Uniterrene Deal with PPC Campaigns?

At Uniterrene, the PPC experts will take a few important steps to ensure the campaigns are performing well and meeting your requirements efficiently.

Set-up and Launch- We will invest time that the project requires to understand the business nature, goals, and objectives. This way, we will identify the keywords and campaigns that can achieve the outcomes you are looking for. After determining each term, and the exact bid amount for using each historical bid data from renowned PPC channels, our experts will prepare ad copies, which can deliver the highest click volumes for each category.

Routine Maintenance- Once the campaign is launched, our experts will concentrate on routine campaign maintenance. We will help you choose the right keywords to bid on. We’ll also perform A/B testing to ensure the success of the campaign.

Where can you advertise your PPC ads?

You are allowed to advertise across the Internet with PPC ads. However, the most popular locations are- search results, third-party websites, and social media.

How much does a PPC ad Campaign Cost?

Each project is unique, so is its cost. The cost depends on several facts and varies from one project to another. For getting an approx figure, you need to discuss your project requirements and goals with us.

Do Customers Click on Online PPC ads?

Yes! As the ads appear in search results, they catch the attention of the people who search for a similar and relevant term. Therefore, most searchers are likely to click on the ads.

What is the Difference between Ad Impressions and Ad Clicks?

An ad impression is the count of the total number of times digital advertisements that are appearing on someone’s screen within the publisher’s network.

Ad click is a marketing measure to count on the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement display on someone’s screen within the publisher’s network.