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7 WordPress Conditional Logic Plugins Used By Web Development Services

wordpress development services india

Are you seeking the best conditional logic plugins for your website on WordPress? Then we have some recommendations for you!

The best WordPress development services in India use conditional logic plugins to hide or show information based on the responses and behaviours of users. You can use these plugins to boost conversions, collect relevant leads and offer a better user experience to your visitors.

In today’s blog, we highlight some of the best conditional logic plugins on WordPress to help you offer your targeted audience a more personalised experience.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

WordPress Conditional Logic Plugins Recommended By India’s Best Web Development Services!

So, what is conditional logic on WordPress?

In simple words, conditional logic is a technique that allows developers to display relevant information, scripts or snippets based on the users’ actions. For instance, when you search for hiking shoes on an eCommerce site, the site will only show you hiking shoes and related products.

There are several ways India’s top development services use conditional logic plugins, such as:

  • To create forms and dynamically change form options and fields based on the choices of the users,
  • To show popups and create campaigns based on customer behaviour,
  • Create dynamic and personalised online quizzes based on users’ responses,
  • Hide or display products based on customer choices,
  • Load scripts and code snippets,
  • Set up visibility rules to show menu items.

Here are the top 7 conditional logic plugins Indian website development services use:

  1. WPCode

    This WordPress code snippet plugin allows developers to add custom code snippets and manage them. You can use WPCode’s conditional plugin features to set up rules for code snippets without the hassle of editing.

    For instance, you can use it to load code snippets for users who have logged in, insert header and footer scripts and run PHP code snippets for specific page URLs.

  2. Conditioner Blocks

    Condition Blocks is another valuable plugin for conditional logic. The top list of WordPress development services in India uses this one to hide or show blocks in the content editor. Experts use this one to control the visibility of each content block without the stress of writing codes.You can control block visibility based on different users, their memberships, screen size, post type, server request, time and other factors.

  3. WPForms

    If you are looking for an efficient, easy-to-use contact form plugin, then WPForms is your best bait. This beginner-friendly plugin offers a drag-and-drop form builder, smart conditional logic features, lots of templates and more for the best WordPress development services.

    With this plugin, you can set up rules to show different form fields and dropdown menus, display payment options, and use them with email campaigns and beyond.

  4. OptinMonster

    OptinMonster is a lead generation and popup plugin that many WordPress development agencies use for increasing sales, more conversions, and growing email lists. Its powerful display rules allow marketers to display the correct campaigns to the targeted people at the right time.

    It offers some interesting features and a lot of templates. For instance, with its exit-Intent technology, you can trigger a marketing campaign when a user is about to exit your website.

  5. Thrive Quiz Builder

    Thrive Quiz Builder is a part of Thrive Theme Suit. This WordPress quiz plugin allows users to create complex quizzes on websites without editing codes. Furthermore, it offers pre-made quiz templates so you can get started quickly.

    The best WordPress development company in India uses this plugin to display questions and set conditions based on previous user behaviour, track results and track results.

  6. Formidable Forms

    Another WordPress plugin that gets a lot of positive reviews from Indian WordPress development services is Formidable Forms. This straightforward plugin allows users to create all types of contact forms, from simple quotation forms to complicated mortgage calculators.

    With this plugin, you can personalise each form based on user behaviour and answer. Additionally, you can use this one to create apps for restaurant menus, product reviews, real estate listings and more.

  7. FunnelKit

    One of the best WooCommerce automation and sales funnel plugins used by top WordPress development companies in India is FunnelKit. It enables developers to create order bump pages, high-quality landing pages, checkout pages and more. You can use it to set up different conditions depending on user actions and behaviours.

    For instance, if a customer adds products to their cart but does not check out, this plugin will allow you to trigger the cart abandonment recovery workflow.


Other than the above plugins, custom WordPress development services in India also recommend checking out other plugins like If Menu and YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons & Extra Options. All these plugins can make your website much more influential and persuasive towards visitors. You can use these plugins to gather valuable customer insight and boost sales.