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Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Condition Welcome to the Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd.

if you continue to browse our website and looking forward to tie knot with us please have a look on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before signing any agreement. The terms “us” or “we” refer to the owner of the website and organization named Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd., using our services you are agreeing with the terms and conditions stated below:

Welcome to the Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd., if you continue to browse our website and looking forward to tie knot with us please have a look on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before signing any agreement. The terms “us” or “we” refer to the owner of the website and organization named Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd., using our services you are agreeing with the terms and conditions stated below:

General conditions:

  • Our customers should be liable to follow our usage terms as long as we are working with them.
  • Certain terms stated here are also a subject of privacy policy and are incorporated to the reference of these ‘Terms and Conditions’.
  • Contents on this website are for your general information and use only.
  • Your use of any information stated on this website is completely at your own risk, it should be your responsibility to assure any product, service and information available on this website to meet your specific requirements; we should not be liable for that.

Protected conditions:

  • From time to time on this website, links of other websites might be included for your convenience for information. That does not entail that we are endorsing those websites. We are not liable for the contents of those linked websites.
  • When you are purchasing any offer you are agreeing with all the terms details regarding payment too.
  • Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd. will not tolerate any abuse of their staffs through any medium or format and that will result immediate suspension or cancellation of your service.
  • Cancellation of your service must be done writing a letter. Once we receive a letter and have confirmed all necessary information via mail we will inform you that your account has been cancelled.
  • You have to pay for the service which is already done by our team.


  • Payment for services is subject to consider.
  • Total amount should be included with the taxes.
  • Services against your requirement will be available once you have made your payment partially according to your requirements (conditions applied).
  • All payment against your job order should be collected by Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd.
  • You will be charged a nominal service fee along with the requirements.
  • On the time of subscription you can make your payments on an annual basis or on a monthly basis regarding your job profile.
  • If project is cancelled payment is not subject to return until it is not mentioned in the agreement.
  • This is your responsibility to keep the payment information up dated.
  • We provide a 10 days grace period, within that period you have to pay the total payable amount.
  • Any invoice that is overdue for 10 days grace period and till not paid will result a late fee as per your service.
  • Extra charges can be added out of the agreement if you want anything out of the context written on the agreement.

Right to modify:

  • Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd. reserves the right to change, to modify ‘Terms and Conditions’ without any prior notice.
  • Modifications should be in force promptly after posting the changes.
  • Your continuous access will be considered as you accept the modified terms.
  • Therefore you are responsible to review additional terms or notices posted to the site.


  • All rights are reserved by the owner of Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd. including content, graphics, logo, images or other components.
  • Unauthorized usage of this website or any content including images or graphics might be considered as damage or could be a criminal offense.
  • Clients should be bound by domestic and international copyright laws.
  • One cannot republish, modify, copy or use website’s components including any type of change to any part of the site.
  • If you are using any part of the website then do not forget to provide back links of , otherwise it should be a subject to criminal offense.
  • You may print certain portions of the site solely agreeing for non commercial usage, you agree not to change or to delete any content that is copyrighted.
  • If you find anything regarding copyrighting violation please do contact with us immediately at
  • You also grant Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd. to use your name to the testimonials for marketing, advertising or for any promotional events.

Refund policy:

Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd. has created this refund policy to issue a refund, to process a refund against any claim or to deal with the money transaction policies. This refund policy is not applicable for (A) the companies which is not owned by Uniterrene Websoft Private Ltd.(B) Websites linked with this website (C) a person who is not employed or managed by Uniterrene Websoft (D) Any third party or service provider bound by the agreement or job order to accomplish the job.

Claiming for refund:

We strongly believe to cater quality service within given time, if that does not happen or facing any problem or things are not working out though you have tried all possible attempts to reach to a mutually acceptable solution you can claim a refund. We would like to cherish and grow an absolutely friendly and amicable relationship in the core of organization, if you are not satisfied or the mutual settlement process fails or you are not satisfied with the results you can claim a refund.

Before you claim your refund please go through the refund policy stated below:

  • Maintaining a positive approach we deal with the projects ensuring equal care and dignity to every project, thereby if you are not happy with the outcome respecting your views we will work on the refund demand regarding the service.
  • Full payment will be returned back to you if a) the project has not kicked off b) design is not approved or passed with your expectation c) we fail to deliver your project within scheduled time.
  • We will return back a partial amount proportionate with the work completed, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED IF THE PROJECT IS COMPLETED AND UPLOADED ON THE SERVER.

[NOTE: For directory submission, article submission or social book marking, templates (web/corporate identity /MS Office) there will be NO REFUND payable. Above three conditions are applicable for website, logo or brochure designing.]

  • You would get a full payment back for web development if the project has not initiated within time as per the agreement. If there is no agreement mentioning refund policy you will get a proportionate refund for the yet not completed job, otherwise refund will be calculated as per the ratio of job completed and yet to be completed job as per stated on the agreement.
  • For any software product refund should be claimed within 30 days of purchase.
  • If we fail to deliver your project due to the irresponsibility of any of our staff proportionate amount will be returned back if client decides to cancel the project.
  • No refund will be issued if client delayed to provide resources, if the client is not satisfied with the work they should notify it and ask for changes. Any negotiation after the scheduled date will not be acceptable. After the scheduled date or after uploading the project if any change is required it will be charged extra . You have to pay for the service which is already done by our team.
  • We are not liable or to maintain scheduled time of project if payment terms are not cleared by client.
  • Client should communicate and stay connected with us in a positive manner and to provide required information timely; any delay or failure of the project on this consent is not applicable to claim a refund.
  • We are not obligated to respect our refund policy if detail information and data is not provided to us by client.
  • We are not supposed to make any compensation if we fail to deliver your project under these circumstances: if a) any natural disaster happens like flood or rain or something else b) there is any political hazard under which our staffs are not capable to work on c) any internal problem of our organization d) some serious technical hazard.
  • Uniterrene Websoft is not bound to pay back failing the delivery schedule until there is no written agreement signed up with a penalty clause.

[NOTE: refund policies are a subject to be changed without any prior notice; therefore you are suggested to follow the instructions, policies and conditions periodically. If you are continuing a project with us that stands for your acceptance for the conditions stated.]

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