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Incredible Tips on How to Appear in Google Search Engine Results

Incredible Tips on How to Appear in Google Search Engine Results

No business can survive long without an online presence. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for any particular product or service, the first thing that you would probably do is to search on Google. And, once you get a list of the various available options on the Google search results, you always choose one among the top 3 ones to make the final call. Isn’t it? Well, now that we’ve already moved into an Internet-driven economy, it has become more important than ever for entrepreneurs to find out the right way on how to appear in Google search results and increase the brand’s online visibility.

Google holds around 88% of the search engine market globally as revealed by researchers in October 2020. With the largest share, incredibly user-oriented search algorithms, and a myriad of useful features, Google is surely the most crucial search engine, which must be targeted by marketers and business owners to promote their brands online. So, without any delay further, let’s understand the pivotal aspects which, you need to focus on for appearing on Google SERPs.

Core aspects to consider for appearing on Google SERPs


Having a clear idea on the concept of keywords is extremely important. To score a higher search engine rank and maintain the same on Google, keywords can help you in a lot of ways. Hence, you need to invest the required time and effort for choosing the right keywords for your business, which will allow you to appear on the Google search engine pages. You can consider using the option of long tail keywords as well which, are mostly known for offering increased conversions.


When it comes to developing an AdWords campaign, it is widely praised for offering quicker results to increase the visibility on search engines as well as achieve greater traffic compared to the organic practices. It is basically the paid form of getting to the top of the Google search engine results in no time.


Third party review sites are also quite beneficial for driving a substantial amount of traffic to your website. Genuine customer reviews and ratings always attract potential audience to check your website and this in turn, helps you in increasing the website traffic as well as final conversions.

Blog posting

Next, it goes without saying that blog posting allows you to make your online position strong, facilitate customer engagement, and drive potential traffic. As content is still regarded as the key element of promoting business websites online, writing and posting the blogs on relevant websites will allow you to drive more attention thereby, allowing your target audience to engage with the brand accordingly.

Now that you’re aware of some of the core aspects which you must have considered, let us know about some significant tips and tricks that would help you appear on the search results of Google.

Submit the URL of your website to Google

Once you have developed and optimized your website well, it’s time for publishing it properly. And after you’ve published your website, it’s expected that all your users are about to see it. Isn’t it? Well, surprisingly the answer isn’t a yes always. Search engines like Google crawl through numerous websites on regular basis for collecting information and listing each of the web pages on the basis of several criterions. So, it has being observed by experts that Google takes 1.375 minutes approximately to crawl through and index the content of any website. But by submitting your website to Google, you would be able to speed up this process. It not only helps in accelerating the process of indexing, but it would also help you to inform Google on any kind of crucial updates as well.

Optimize the website for RankBrain

To make your website appear on Google, it’s important for you to prepare smart and interactive content for the users. Being a machine learning algorithm, RankBrain helps Google in improving the search engine results. It works by finding out the right way to interpret what users are mostly searching for and deliver them the best results. Google is recorded to process 3.5 billion searchers on daily basis and without the AI framework, things would have become much difficult to filter all the results properly. For entrepreneurs willing to attain more online visibility, it would be better to develop content which, would give the appropriate answer to unique queries asked by your potential target audience.

Get your website listed on the local directories

Optimizing the website for local directories is another important tip which, you must focus on for achieving a prominent position in the Google search engine results. Studies have revealed that customers mostly search for local businesses online. And thus, you must ensure that have optimized your website on Google My Business to secure a higher rank in Google’s SERPs. Always include the important information related to your local prospects such as:

• Map of your business’s location
• Use of location-based keywords
• Accurate NAP information (including business name, phone number, and address)
• Hours of operation

Always include meta tags

Though meta tags might not have any direct impact on the search engine rankings nowadays, it is always considered to be helpful enough for increasing the Click Through Rates (CTR). Meta tags will help you to make your business more familiar for the users by giving information on what your website is all about and why they should click on your web page link to read more.

Ensure that your website is mobile responsive

Last but not the least, it is of paramount importance to make your website mobile-friendly in this mobile-driven world. Mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more have become an integral part of our daily lives and we use them for doing various tasks such as reading content, booking any service, communicating with people, and purchasing goods. Over time, the number of daily mobile searches has increased exponentially and that’s the reason why you should always make sure that your website is well accessible and readable on mobile devices. Check whether your website content looks proper irrespective of screen size and loads fast. Also, you can opt for creating content which would cater to the immediate needs of users, generally known as micro-moments.

The bottom line

When it comes to make your brand popular in the digital landscape, having a strong online presence on Google search engine results is a requisite. But the entire process is undoubtedly complex and requires a lot of time to invest for digging out the best possible move. To ensure that you succeed in finding the right way on how to appear on Google search results, you must seek professional help of experienced SEO experts who are competent enough in building the right strategy for your business and execute it effectively. With experts by your side, things would certainly become easier for you to achieve your goals like a pro.

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