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Top 6 Tips to Increase Website Visibility on Google

Top 6 Tips to Increase Website Visibility on Google

Despite having a well-defined SEO strategy, you can’t always expect your business to have a prominent visibility on Google. With so many businesses in the race of scoring a high online rank in popular search engines, there’s always a need of walking an extra mile to emerge as the best in the industry and experience a substantial increase in your website’s visibility on Google.

Having an improved website visibility on Google can tremendously help you to grow your potential leads, drive more sales, and promote your brand. So, here in this web blog we would help you find out the best ways of how to increase your website’s visibility on Google such that you can succeed in driving a significant boost to your search engine rankings.

#1. Focus on improving the user experience of your website

First and foremost, you need to look for effective ways of improving the UX (User Experience) of your website as SEO works in consideration to the same for optimizing all the web pages of the site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is typically the process of optimizing your website for the popular search engines which, primarily focusses on link building and keyword research. But with the revolutionary algorithm changes, the scope of SEO has increased drastically with the growing importance of improving the UX of your website. This is why, you should always focus on enhancing your website’s UX and following here are some of the tips being described.

Website navigation: While developing the website, you must check whether all the pages of your site can be smoothly navigated by your users. With the help of user-friendly site navigation, you would be able to allow robots for indexing your website properly as well, which is important for increasing the visibility of your website on Google.

Mobile-first index: With the help of Mobile-first index, you would be able to create mobile versions of applications and websites before making them well adaptive for the larger screens. With the increasing use of smartphones for Google searches, mobile-first indexing has become one of the key priorities as per latest Google algorithms.

Page loading speed: It goes without a saying that the time taken by your web pages to load directly impacts the search engine rankings of your website. Hence, you must work on this area and try to eliminate the issues resulting in an increased bounce rate.

#2. Get your website registered with Google My Business

One easy way of improving the site’s visibility on Google is by displaying location-based results. Registering the site on Google My Business would help in appearing for the relevant search results within the local region. You will receive a postcard along with a pin having details of your business address after you apply for your site on Google My Business. After getting verified, Google would be able to confirm that you run the business within a particular geographical location, ensuring that your website would appear in the Google search results relevant to the same location from now on. This in turn, helps in optimizing the site for related local searches and promotes local SEO as well.

#3. Get your website registered with Google Search Console

You must also try to register your site with the Google Search Console to work on improving its online visibility. Google Search Console is typically a free tool used for submitting your website along with the sitemap for indexing. Indexing is important for increasing your site’s visibility on Google as because if it’s not being well indexed, it won’t be possible to achieve a high search engine rank on Google for your website. And by submitting the site to the Google Search Console, you can actually notify the existence of the web pages to the algorithm.

#4. Focus on optimizing your website for voice search

The voice search revolution has started making a game-changing impact on the business world. As per the research studies revealed by Statista, the total number of users of voice assistants is about to reach eight billion by the year 2023. Hence, by optimizing the website for voice search results, you can enhance the visibility of your website as well as widen your base of potential customers. Following here are some tips discussed.

• Create informative blogs which answer to the questions asked by users.
• Make use of structured data including Schema markup, which helps in optimizing the contents for search engines.
• Include common voice search phrases in your website contents and ensure to put the same in a conversational style.

#5. Include long-tail keywords on the website content

A great way to boost the visibility of your website on Google is to select competitive keywords which, are comparatively less competitive i.e., long-tail keywords. While considering the generic keywords which enjoy a high search volume, they are basically excessively competitive, which make it too difficult for your website to score a high rank against them. But, by focussing on long-tail keywords, it becomes less competitive for you to increase the search engine rankings of your website on Google.

#6. Try to target for featured snippets of Google

Google often takes a certain portion of the content from any related web page and showcases the same as a featured snippet, being placed above the top ranking on SERPs. So, by featuring your website as a snippet, you would certainly be able to increase the visibility of your site, thereby boosting subsequent online traffic. Following here are a few effective tips and tricks to create content that can be shown as a featured snippet by Google.

• Develop contents to offer in-depth answers to the search queries and delivering complete information to users.
• Prepare comprehensive, quality-assured, and user-focussed articles.
• Get a fair idea of the type of questions mostly asked by the users you’re targeting.
• Also, it is important for you to respond to the questions in the best way possible.

The bottom line

With all these tips and tricks into consideration, we believe you can surely bring a positive impact on the visibility of your website on Google, thereby increasing the ultimate scope of connecting with more prospects and boosting the sales figures. However, it is always advised to hire experts to chalk out the right strategy on how to increase your website’s visibility on Google such that you end up deriving maximum outputs, thereby strengthening your online presence.

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